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Fisher Island

Fisher Island

Built upon white sand exported from the finest beaches of the Bahamas, Fisher Island is the most exclusive and opulent residential community in the world. Accessible only by ferry, helicopter or private boat, this 216-achre man-made island located south of Miami Beach, lies within an elite class of its own.

With a diverse selection of residence options, such as seaside condominiums, villas and luxury homes, life upon this secluded island is far from limited. Mediterranean inspired architecture adorns the well-kept streets, with incredible views of the surrounding Biscayne Bay and Miami shoreline, visible from every angle.

The extensive list of amenities provided by the island exists as testament to the abundant, self sufficient and secure nature of Fisher Island. Because of this, the private access to its shores becomes one of its most attractive features, offering residents with a truly unique living and holidaying experience.

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